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Material Systems Engineering and Life Science

 The Department of Material Systems Engineering and Life Science provides students with physical and chemical sciences based on inanimate matter, and the system theory developed in mechanical design and production process to make application for the bio-system to investigate the complicated life system and then dedicate it to the engineering technologies.

Applied Chemistry

 Using the principles of Chemistry and Physics, this course otters research and education on: the creation of new materials and functional molecules, analysis of that reaction formation, evaluation of complex biological phenomena, chemical assessment and impact on the environment, and new energy sources.


 There are great potentials for the engineering properties in the biological field. To maximize those biological resources, we need to acquire not only state-of-the-art technologies of current bioengineering, but also the fundamental principles of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. The Bioengineering course provides researches and studies on Gene Engineering, Protein Engineering, Cell Engineering, Microbiological Engineering, Plant Engineering and Human Engineering to develop bioengineering educational technologies and foster students to become experts.

Chemical Process Engineering

 Promoting process analysis and composition of chemical / biological transformation and energy conversion, this course offers education and study on: transformation process of materials, chemical / biological reaction, materials separation, aggregate process and its energy conversion, and synthesis of an integrated optimum process.

Materials Science and Engineering

 The Material Science and Engineering Course applies materials science to advanced technologies to enable the understanding of material properties. The course provides a stimulating educational environment which broadly prepares students for the development of sophisticated materials with new functions.