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Mecanical and Intellectual Systems Engineering

 The field of Mechanical Engineering extended beyond its narrow boundary of Machine, and is now broadening its disciplines of interest to the human, nature, environment, resources and the earth. The Department of Mechanical and Intellectual Systems Engineering is one form of Mechanical Engineering discipline which assimilates these current trends.
 The word intellectual is used with the meanings of that the studies in the Department is not only for hardware-oriented development, also for consideration of Ergonomics, social function and responsibilities, and contribution to the global society.
 The goal is enabling students to develop their application of professional skill and knowledge to meet the needs of 21st century.

Systems Design and Production Engineering

 Development of the integrated system from design to production has been required to maximize the performance, efficiency and reliability in the machines and structures.

  • Solid Mechanics
  • Strength and Fracture of Materials
  • Precision Machining for Production
  • Advanced Materials and Forming

Energy Conversion and Environmental Engineering

 To develop the high-efficiency conversion of thermal / fluid energy and apply it to the real world, the energy conversion and environmental engineering course provides education and researches on characteristics analysis of energy conversion and reducing damage to our environment caused by energy consumption.

  • Thermal engineering
  • Energy and Fluid Engineering
  • Mathematical Engineering

Machine Control and Information Engineering

 The machine control and information engineering course provides cross disciplined education and research that involves both mechanical systems and mechanical information technology such as machine intelligence, micronization and measurement and control.

  • Intelligent Machine
  • Control System
  • Mechanical Information and Instrumentation
  • Applied Mechano-Informatics