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Intellectual Information Systems Engineering

 Our life is dramatically changing with new technologies such as the Internet, multimedia, computer graphics movies, and 3-D games are developing rapidly. These fruitful technologies are the consequences of incessant efforts of information engineers and researchers over many years. Department of Intellectual Information Engineering offers three training courses for raising information engineers and researchers who will lead the filed in coming decades.

Intellectual Systems Engineering

 This course focuses on essential expertise of and research on system engineering, pattern recognition, knowledge information processing, algorithmic analysis and computer simulations to develop intellectual information systems in the real world.

Multimodal Information Engineering

 This course focuses on the intrigue sensory information mechanisms of human such as the visual and acoustic nervous systems. This course offers expertise required to investigate the foundations of these mechanisms.

Media Information Engineering

 This course focuses on the core theories of systems and applications that enable our modern multimedia-dependent life such as advanced telecommunication network, neuroinfomatics, intelligent information processing, and coding and information security.